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After leaving college and looking for a new opportunity, I somehow stumbled into a web development career. It kind of started out as a hobby and before I knew it, I was building websites for a few of my friends, my friend's friends, and then somebody's friend's business... lol

I wasn't really sure how long it would last, but I was fun so I just decided to roll with it. A few months later, someone reached out to me asking if I could troubleshoot their site. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but it was already broken, so I agreed to take a look and see what I could do. About 45 minutes later, I somehow managed to get it back up and running... Trust me, we were ALL amazed! #ThanksGoogle

I ended up working with them everyday for the next week or so, and eventually they just asked me to join them full time. The next few months were a continuous learning experience, we were constantly iterating, and the growth rate was ridiculous. Sounds great, right? I mean... this was exactly what we wanted to happen, or so I thought. I can't even begin to explain how stressful this can be when you're seeing 70-80% server spikes and working with advertising networks who are pretty much expecting a 0% downtime.

In just 7-8 months we went from making $1500/month at best, to making $23k in our first month after signing with a well known publisher. By this time, the build had become so complex, that I was the only one who understood how it worked. My time was now split between explaining the process, managing the build, while continuously learning how to scale, automate, & build tooling for the team to use.

Towards the end communication became nearly impossible, I was working 16-18 hour days and really just felt under appreciated. When they failed to pay me on time... for the third time, I was done! It just wasn't worth it anymore. Although it was probably the most amount of money I have ever walked away from, this was also one of the easiest decisions I have ever made.

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