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In my case, I use camelCase all the time.
My API dev is using snake_case, so most of the time I just harass her for using it (we still friends). And when it comes to do some code fixes in her APIs, I refactor it to camelCase.

I can't think there are pros or cons to this specific subject. These two options are the only possible ways to code in, its just a matter of preferences.

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I refactor it to camelCase

So during a refactor you introduce API breaking changes everywhere? You sound awful to work with.


Thanks!! I know right? Thanks God you’re not working with me ha? Mind your business son.

You posted your story in a public forum. Responses to your passive-aggressive co-worker relationship should be expected.

You replied to a public forum post, You expected to hear something you don't like. This is the life.


Lol, that sounds like a big source of time waste :P you two should really agree on one.


Yeah we’re still working on it 😂

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