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Drink the Hot Dog Water

teddykim profile image Teddy Kim ・1 min read

Would you rather read a pile of resumes or drink the hot dog water?

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frankfont profile image
Frank Font

Great insight that the functional stuff is cheap to pursue these days --- barrier to entry is really just your desire to learn.

The big differentiation factor is the hard to acquire stuff --- the soft skills.

I'll be interested to hear your advice on how to blend both successfully into a resume.

mccurcio profile image
Matt Curcio

Resumes are such a minefield.
When I look at others' resumes I can pick out the two or three things that would make it better but I am totally blind when it comes to mine. Blind or have tunnel vision, not sure yet. :0) I look forward to getting the low down in the next thrilling adventures of 'Hot Dog,... I mean 'Imposters Club.'