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InHuOfficial • Edited

It was taken me quite a while to build this setup slowly acquiring things over time, next thing is to get some custom length wires so I can tidy the wiring up.

Few bits of info:-

A total 24.8 million pixels being pushed by my poor old laptop!

The desk is 2m (6ft) by 2m (6ft) and still manages so be sit-stand, was a bargain at Β£600 (and that was 5 years ago, sit stand desks are cheaper now!). Buy a sit stand desk it will change your working life!

The chair is awesome and great if you get a sore back when you are putting in long days ( - I bought mine second hand though as they are quite expensive! It is also rather pretty as far as office chairs go!

That brown mat on the floor is an anti-fatigue mat. If you buy a sit-stand desk then that should be the next thing you buy as it let's you stand for far longer!

The 2 x 43 inch 4k displays and the top right monitor are powered direct from the graphics card. The top left and the left hand monitor are powered via a USB hub.

Yes that is a DVD and Blue Ray collection, I am that old! (You can only see about 30% of it from that angle, there are way more in the shelves to the left of the picture you can't see into).

I believe those things are out-dated now and used as coasters? πŸ˜‹ (and yes I am sad enough that I alphabetised them so I could find what I was looking for 🀣)

my setup with sit stand desk, two 43inch monitors, 3 21 inch monitors all powered by a laptop and hub

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Sarthak Sharma Author

Looks awesome 😎 πŸ‘πŸ»

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Ignacio Vargas

I've been interested on sit stand desk for a while now... I'm unsure if I can allow myself to buy one since they are pretty expensive as far as I know. Is it worth it at all?

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InHuOfficial • Edited

If you work more than 6 hours a day at a computer it is essential in my opinion having now owned one.

You might be a lot younger than me but I had a bad back and shoulder from sitting and it is a lot better now (not perfect but once the damage is done it is hard to fully recover)

You can pick them up pretty cheap now maybe Β£200 ($280 USD) if you want a normal sized one without any bells and whistles (mine was cheap considering how large it is as it doesn’t have height settings, literally up and down buttons so you have to adjust the height manually each time, which never bothered me).

Do what I do, go second hand (used) on eBay or whatever equivalent you have where you are and then save up for new and better things once you know they are worth it.

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have you managed to enter the matrix yet with this rig? jk... good stuff mateπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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I choose pill for me! πŸ˜‚

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I think you went overboard lmfao. Why would you needl ike 4 monitors and like 2 on top when you haev a vertical and a long one lmfao. Either way its dope im jelous :laugh:

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InHuOfficial • Edited

So I use the massive main monitor for most work.

I can definitely recommend a large 4k monitor for development, the extra screen space let's you have 2 or 3 files open at once side by side, such as HTML, CSS and JS or your JS and you API docs so you can remember what path you gave to your API endpoints and stupid names you gave parameters! I can't really recommend anymore than one large monitor though, my use case is pretty unique πŸ˜‹).

I use the large right monitor for site previews that I am working on, Outlook and some website monitoring software (stacked on top of each other taking up a third of the vertical height each).

The top 2 monitors come into play for things like researching and inspiration when designing (so I can have them visible to refer to) or OBS if I am on a video call / making instruction videos (something new I am working on!).

The left most screen is used for support queries and CRM system, it is linked to my phone system so it helps to have it "always visible" as it pulls a client record up when they call etc.

I don't use the laptop screen, but the laptop developed a fault where it goes into sleep mode if I don't have it open (it needs replacing soon as it is 4/5 years old)!

As you can probably tell I only use about half the screen space actively, the rest of it is there so things are always visible so I can quickly glance at them or use them for reference without having to switch between desktops or Alt + Tab between applications.

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