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Discussion on: Top 5 DEV Comments of the Past Week

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InHuOfficial • Edited

Not taking anything away from the commenters but how are some of these "top comments".

"This is a fantastic article. It’s collected and insightful and very well written.
Well done and. Good luck in your second year."

What does that add really, great comment for encouraging the author but a top comment?

"I wish one day I'd be able to express my, points in such linear and organized way!
Good read! definitely scales me up!"

Yet again, lovely comment to the author but I don't understand what makes that a top comment?

I know it isn't based on number of hearts (which would at least be a logical starting place), so what is it that makes a top comment?

I guess we should all just start spamming "super article, you are amazing, love to all people, save the planet..." then at least we can get a top comment too!

I mean @thebarefootdev wrote a way more interesting comment, but it could possibly be construed as critical so we can't have that.

This example is rather too involved. Returning null for an empty list is perfectly good practice and would provide a testable output. Above you have probably focused too much on the code and not on readability or extensibility certainly not on the presentation to the user.

Unless specified in requirements an returning only if the list has items is a perfectly good option unless there is some feedback needed. It’s not always good to provide feedback to all edge cases to users.

In this sense the type and style of coding very much depends on the domain solution in current construction.

I do agree standards and styling are import to an extent but your example is a little derived. Finally, react fragments have a specific usage for the DOM tree and should not be discarded as readily as you have suggested

Anyway rant over, I am off to practice my niceties now so I can get on this list one day!

ps sorry once again to the comment authors, I do not want to detract from you, it is the way these lists are compiled that baffles / annoys me.

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Prasham Ashesh

To be honest, I have the same question Like why me and why this comment is in the top 5? 😅😅
The best answer I could come up with is, given the fact that the Top 5 comments of the week are awarded every week, Dev Team is gently incentivizing member engagement in the community, to keep up the community spirit. 😊
And I wouldn't expect anything otherwise from these amazing peeps. at the end of the day is a Dev community, and a quick Google Search says it all. has the title Dev community
These comments simply happened to be the ones that got attention from the Dev team, and were judged from a community lens, and not so much from the techy standpoint.

Disclosure: I am the guy who commented

"I wish one day I'd be able to express my, points in such linear and organized way!
Good read! definitely scales me up!"

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And as I said I do not want to take away from your comment at all.

The problem is that if I am new to and I see those are the top 5 comments I might think that there isn’t much going on here.

While I agree with the principle of what you say about encouraging niceness and community spirit (which is what I also love about the problem is that this incentivises people to just be “nicey nice” and not challenge people. While we all know that some of the best lessons are in the comments.

Maybe I was having a bad day or something, it just seemed a bit too sugar coated and I guess I don’t have a sweet tooth! 😜

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Prasham Ashesh

Hehe, don't worry 😄😄
"No good deed goes unrewarded."

Be yourself and challenge the guts out, being respectful all the time of course. Appreciation would surely be showered by the community.

Its not the badges that matter at the end of the day, it is the human lives that one gets to touch. Sweet tooth, certainly helps! 😊😊