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Discussion on: 🤷‍♂️ W1y d2s a11y h2e to be so b4y c9d a1d i10e? 👿

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InHuOfficial Author

Sorry I always forget the comment doesn't link to the article (which is really strange!)

No they didn't respond, but it wasn't there fault as someone pointed out, they were just reciting what the devs who built it said. But that is what I mean, people build echo chambers very easily that spread incorrect information and it just escalates.

Oh I agree, I don't want to put people off posting, the more people talking about accessibility the better!

The problem is I often get comments deleted when I try to help (perhaps it is just my writing style is quite "direct" so comes off as attacking and harsh 😋).

Plus there are loads of sites where I can't comment so how can I and others "warn" people that the information is incorrect.

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Julien Maury

Yee comments can be tough sometimes, but most people do that in good faith. That does not mean you have to accept everything but you can learn a lot with a meaningful comment.

Perhaps you can use their contact form if you don't find any comment form ^^

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InHuOfficial Author

True contact form could be the way to go!

As for the comments I am actually thinking I might suggest a tag "#comeAtMeBro" which lets people know you are open to criticism in the comments 🤣 (I am kind of serious but a different tag might see a side post on that later now I think about it!!!)

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