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Discussion on: 🤷‍♂️ W1y d2s a11y h2e to be so b4y c9d a1d i10e? 👿

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You see this one is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario.

People don't demand accessibility (because they are unaware of how much inaccessibility is hurting their conversion rates etc.) so developers who know nothing about accessibility build website themes.

Then the people who do care / wake up to the business impact of accessibility have a really hard time finding a theme that is accessible (I have yet to see one, loads that claim to be, but often are not and what they really mean is "scored 100 on Lighthouse or Axe" - which I suppose is a start at least!

If everyone insisted on accessible websites then fewer developers would have to learn the detail as the hard parts would be handled automatically....hence chicken and egg!

It isn't vagrancy (on the most part) it is lack of motivation (you might want to make things accessible but your boss does not care and doesn't allow an extra few minutes for it) and lack of education (I mean, their can't be that many people using screen readers / with vision impairments surely?).

It is the same argument we see with supporting Internet Explorer. "But there are very few people using IE in our visitor logs"....well of course not, they have already come to your site, realised they can't use it and gone elsewhere.

Same with people with disabilities "We don't have any disabled customers" - are you sure, I mean, how do you know that (most disabilities are invisible) and secondly same principle - of course you don't if your business is not accessible, they are off spending money with your competitors who are accessible (or at least make the effort).

Ahhhh - I am ranting again, must stop!!!! 🤣

Thank you for the comment, it yet again points us to the same major issues and helps focus my thoughts on this.

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