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Discussion on: 365 Days of Blogging Challenge

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I think that the smart way to do it.

I know you want to share every detail with people but at the end of the day if each week you produce 3500 words or more it doesn't matter how you got there (one sitting or several days). It requires very similar effort levels and you still have "your money where your mouth is" to keep you on track!

Bear in mind that 3500 words per week is the same as writing 2 novels (180k words!), so nobody is going to begrudge a tiny bit of "slack" in your original idea of daily writing for if you need a break, so I think weekly updates is more than enough.

Before you set your goal in stone, just bear in mind the time it takes to research subjects, that is the bit I see a lot of people forgetting!

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Patryk Jeziorowski Author

You are completely right that research takes time. I'm currently exploring the Zettelkasten method to combine consuming content with writing. You may find this short article useful or read "How to take smart notes" by S. Ahrens if you are interested in this topic.