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Discussion on: My Autistic son and how we are going to reach him

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InHuOfficial • Edited on

Proloquo2go is the gold standard - but at £250 it is bloody ridiculous!

A free one if your son understands graphics is that I have heard good things about but it is only Android (or was, not sure if that had changed as it has been nearly a year since I was working on that part of my product research)

However if your son does not understand graphical representations (cannot make associations between abstract images, iconography etc. and real world situations and objects) you may have to do some research for one where you can upload photos yourself.

For people who cannot associate we can take a lead from “easy read documentation”. They recommend images that are isolated on a white background. You can buy a cheap canvas light box for £50 off amazon and take pictures yourself or for really big items just get a roll of white paper and pin it to the wall with a curve between the wall and floor and a couple of stand lights (useful for pictures of bigger items such as bicycles etc).

Or you can buy a load of stock images from - my license ran out otherwise I would just have let you access mine on the quiet! I think it was about £150 a year.

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Adam Crockett Author

😳 wow! This is such an insightful comment, lots of fantastic information to process here!

I will ask him about some PECS cards in the morning and see if he can match them to real world things / activities, that will be interesting.

I am honestly lost for words, thank you