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Discussion on: Tech interview & Social media presence 😡😡😡

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Then just type "I don't have one" and see if that works, or "IDontHaveOne"...eventually you will get past their validation (which is probably non existent).

Or just contact the recruiter and explain.

Better yet, get on LinkedIn, find someone at the company and contact them explaining. (Yes I know, social media to counter needing social media, but LinkedIn is one of the places I can say is worth being on, at least while job hunting)

Or just pick up the phone! 🤯🤯 That is something people seem to forget, you can call people!

Who knows you might be able to spin it to a positive if you phrase it carefully and can judge the other person. If someone told me "I am not on social media as I do not think it is a positive influence overall" I would certainly listen!

As for making it a required field...the only other thing I can think is they are using "AI" for the first stage of validation on applicants as there are a number of services will do sentiment analysis of social media posts for job applicants as part of an automated filtering process etc.

Either way, my advice (as I am stone faced and heartless!) is to either find a workaround or play the game and engage in social media while you are job hunting, either way take action!

Good luck with the job hunt, everything crossed for you 🤞🤞