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Discussion on: ✨ Accessibility: a gentle introduction ✨

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InHuOfficial • Edited on

My only criticism (if you can call it that) is that it ended just a little too early, I got to the first steps part and then felt you missed one line to say "now look at all of the problems that the automated tools give and try and work out how to fix them."

Essentially I am complaining that I was enjoying the article that much I wanted more 😋🤣

I look forward to the next article you do on accessibility! ❤🦄 (is there another "inclusive components" article in the pipe line?)

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Alena Nik Author

Thank you 😄
Testing and analizing the problems before fixing is such a complex topic! I think what you can essentially do with the output is share it with the team, design and stakeholders and think what eventually can be done (estimate, iterate on next dev cycle, explore options with designers to get accessible color pallets (if that's the issue), or... education?), many options here 🤔 But definetly, we can't stop here 🚹

Bear with me untill the next one and thanks for stopping by 💖