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InHuOfficial • Edited on

Sounds like a good idea, except I think there are some flaws here.

The first is that the company has a pricing page (nothing wrong with that, developers have to eat). But this immediately makes me think the video files will be hosted on their server.

Now as the company seems brand new what happens if it folds in 2 years (highly likely as video hosting is costly unless they use some hacky solution on YT)?

The whole point of documentation is when you come back to a stale piece of code the comment is to remind yourself what the hell you were thinking at the time. If the videos are not there then there is a big problem.

The second flaw is that a video is not always ideal, do the videos support SRT files (or are they generated automatically) so that deaf users can access the same information via captions?

The last point I think is the biggest point, it won't be any quicker if people are having to add captions / edit captions manually.

Oh and what happens if I am working on closed-source software? Will the videos be behind an authentication wall as they could expose key information if they are public?

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Nice to e-meet you, my name is Liad I'm a co-founder of Speacode. Thank you for your feedback, I would love to address your concerns.

  1. Right now our product is completely free of charge, in the future we will start charging for storage but we are doing a terrific job by compressing the videos so it won't be much)
  2. Our product will be always free for open-source projects *
  3. We offer a SAAS solution and On-premise for companies who want to store the videos at their host.
  4. The captions issue is a great point and we are working on it. In the next realse, we will have automatic captions. (We are developers we won't let you spend your time, we will do it for you! 😉)
  5. In case you want to store videos on a dedicated server for your company, you can use speacode plugin for organization ( Only you and your team members will have access to the videos. I hope you will give it a try, if you have more questions or concerns we are here to help!🙏
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InHuOfficial • Edited on

Super, great responses and information you should get out to people as many will have the same concerns.

Knowing I can self host the videos takes away most of the risk!

When you solve the captions part I will be a customer!

Good luck with the project, with responses like that I am sure you will do great!

Look forward to hearing more as the product progresses! ❤

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liadshviro • Edited on

Thank you very much for the warm wishes. I'm happy that I can assist you with your concerns. I will differently keep you and others updated on our progress! 🙏