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What is with all the pinned posts...did I miss something?

Just a super quick question but since the Forem launch announcement (great job by the way) there have been pinned posts on the home feed.

Is there an event on I have dismissed the announcement for / missed by mistake?

They don't seem connected in any way and I couldn't see a pattern either (likes, subject matter etc.) so was just puzzled.

And if they aren't connected what are they pinned based on (and can I hide them if this is going to be a permanent thing)?

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Temani Afif

I think they are testing new ideas to manually highlight good content. A kind of manual curation to reduce the mess

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InHuOfficial Author

While promoting good quality content would be great I hope that isn’t why as it is a very blunt tool for the job.

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Ben Halpern

This was, in fact, just a bit of an experiment to highlight good content — And agreed, a fairly perfunctory approach.

We do need to highlight quality content, and this helps answer the question of "what happens when we know the top post is very good"?

Well the result is the best bounce rate we've had to date for a weekend. It wasn't off the charts different, but hard to argue with best ever.

We don't plan to keep this up in this exact way, but we do have a need for more capacity for curation in this approximate way.

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InHuOfficial Author

What were the sign ups, duration on site etc? And did you segregate by members, non members etc?

Sounds positive but did it translate all the way down the "funnel" (for want of a better term)

Also, was it just that the top post was good or was it that the top post have a big blue border and a pin so more people clicked it?

Would have worked just as well with a clickbait listicle (or better?)?

I am sure you are analysing that at the moment and long may the experiments continue, I was just intrigued and personally not a fan that I can't dismiss it so if you do implement it can you make that an option please?

It also raises other questions like "would you ever have an article on F# there" as you obviously have to know a subject reasonably well to know if it is good and if you don't have someone in the team who knows a particular subject it is unlikely to get promoted?

Anyway as always I think too much about stuff, I got my answer and look forward to seeing what you ultimately decide, thanks for clarifying Ben.