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On March 10 2020, I tried for the umpteenth time to challenge myself and commit to code consistently for 100 days. Unlike previous attempts, I know this will be different because, for the first time, I am documenting my work. This is the first part of a series, containing my first 10 days.


My main goal is to become a better programmer and at least implement my ideas to viable projects. I have set personal goals that I would want to achieve, maybe I may not finish all of them within these 100 days, but I will do my best to:

  • Blog daily on my progress
  • Understand React better so as to learn D3.js for Data Visualization.
  • Finish building my professional site using Gastby.js
  • Learn Power BI and Tableau for Data Visualization
  • Finish my Udacity Deep Learning course with Pytorch
  • Do DataQuest and DataCamp projects (at least 24) and learn how to use Streamlit to display my Data Science projects.
  • At least do 10 frontendmasters challenges
  • Do 30 days of Js Challenge to build my fundamentals
  • Understand how design systems work.
  • Learn Algorithms and Data Structures.

Day 1

Finished exploring Rebrickable database to explore 67 years of LEGO.
The topic of focus: Data Manipulation with pandas
Used codecademy to review python basics i.e. functions and built a simple bot.

Day 2

Worked on the project: Dr Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing. I analysed datasets used by Dr Semmelweis to understand the cause of childbed fever.
The topics covered: pandas, matplotlib and statistical bootstrapping.
I came across chingu.io, a platform to get out of tutorial purgatory and enables you to start working on projects. Hopefully, it will be of help during this challenge.

Day 3

I was discouraged and wanted to quit because frankly, I have not achieved much. However, I decided to push on. Today, I did a new Data Science project: TV, Halftime Shows, and the Big Game. I worked on three CSV files, one with game data, one with TV data, and one with halftime musician data for all 52 Super Bowls through 2018 to understand the spectacle of the SuperBowl.
The topic of focus: pandas, matplotlib and seaborn.
I came across an article by next.tech on Deep Learning Basics

Day 4

Woke up to an offer to work at my friend's start-up, WildEye_KE as a frontend-dev. Today I worked on styling my blog with Gatsby, CSS ain't that bad, for now.

Day 5

Today, I will dive into Network Analysis using the Game of Throne dataset. It was interesting learning about the different aspects of network analysis, hoping to do a blog on that soon.

Day 6

After the first Corona Virus case in my country, all meetups and events were cancelled. I spent the day finishing on Network Analysis dataset. With all the time in my hands, I did a tutorial on audio processing with Python and hopefully will be able to implement it in a project. Hoping to work on my blog before I sleep.

Day 7

Worked more on my blog and learnt more on images in gatsby.
My blog so far

Day 8

I worked on the Android App Market on Google Play project in DataCamp by comparing over ten thousand apps in Google Play across different categories.
I also had a stellar idea of doing infographics and articles on Network Analysis and Audio Processing. Hoping to see my idea implemented.

Day 9

Worked on the portfolio part of my Blog.

Day 10

On 19/03/2020, I mark 10 days of consistent coding: worked on a new eCalendar project by chingu.io, I am hoping to work on it for the next few days.

Key TakeAways

  • Plan beforehand and take it one day at a time
  • Start coding early, waiting till late in the evening is mostly futile.

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