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The beginning...

Hello everyone, this is Avantika Tiwari from India. I am currently enrolled in an open distance learning - Master of Computer Applications program.

It is always difficult to start something new. To venture into a territory that was previously unknown to you. For example, a student's school coursework changes drastically in size once she enters junior and senior high school. When you enroll yourself in a school, there are clear instructions on how to proceed. There are students in the same situation as you are, so you have others you can talk to. You have guidance and can speak to professors when you get stuck on a problem.

However, if you are enrolled in a distance learning program like me, you are all alone. There is no guidance, nobody to speak to, and no friends to do projects with. Your only resource is the Internet, and you only have yourself to compete with. You have no clear way of measuring your progress. There is no one to hold you accountable if you fail, or force you to repeat a grade. You are all on your own. It can be a liberating but also unsettling experience.

This is my first time blogging on a website. When you are on your own, it is hard to start something new, make a plan and also stick with it. Otherwise, Your time just keeps getting pushed down and down, never having time to start.

Conclusion: Start as soon as possible.

Why CS?

I got introduced to programming during my sophomore year. Yes, there are other subjects like Mathematics (algebra, calculus, discrete mathematics, geometry, etc.), Physics (mechanics, thermodynamics, Optics, Current electricity, and Quantum mechanics), and Chemistry (physical, organic, and Inorganic). Then, why CS? I remember writing a java program in isolation for a given problem statement. I had to explain the logic (my thought process) to the professor and then write the code. Every time, we get a feasible solution for the given problem, I felt amazing. In short, I noticed that I never learned to program, rather I enjoy doing it. That's it, And now I am a CS major.

Conclusion: Do the job in which you find joy.

Document your journey

Why documenting your journey is important

Your documentation might be helpful for readers who are in the same boat as you.

It will improve your writing and reading skills.

It will help you to get out of your comfort zone and become a part of the online community.

It can boost your morale in bad times as you list out every single detail of who you were, who you are, and what you set out to achieve.

Conclusion: It will help you track your time and productivity.

Essentials to begin as a C.S Grad

Have a laptop/desktop and internet connection. Most likely, you would be required to work on projects and attend online meetings or interviews.

Have some sort of Linux on your machine (e.g. Ubuntu). You will learn low-level OS principles as Windows implementation is high level and it also uses third-party tools to interact with Linux-based servers.

Has a GUI (e.g. Vscode) and Non - GUI editor (e.g. Vim) on your machine.

Conclusion (computer machine, an operating system, internet connection, and a text editor).

How I scheduled my blogs

For those curious, here is how I will schedule my blog. Every Saturday / Sunday. I will have a blog post up. The frequency will grow in size as my knowledge and skill.

If you have any blog recommendations put them in the comments.

p.s. Thank you all for reading. As this is my first time writing a blog, It's sort of a year experiment to see if I can grow my blog more or if I stay stagnate.

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