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Discussion on: Public Speaking for Introverts

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Matt Eland Author

I agree entirely with this. While I give formal presentations at work once or twice a month, presenting to strangers at a meetup is a fantastic way to grow. I've done 3 full-hour presentations at meetups and each one has helped me grow and gauge where I am.

After the last, I gauged myself to be ready to throw my hat into the ring for local and regional conferences, and have applied to my first conference. I've identified 3 more conferences I plan on applying to next year when the call for speakers opens.

Hopefully folks will be interested to see me speak and interested in my abstracts and I'll get a shot with a larger audience.

As for posting to, I'll know by the end of September if my abstracts were accepted / rejected and either way I'll post them here for feedback and sharing my lessons learned on the process.