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Always ask for feedback when you do a coding interview

Finding a software engineer job is quite the journey. Its full of extra coding hours, sometimes stress and other preparations that only applies to coding interviews.

Sometimes you are tasked with doing a small assignment either at home or during the day. This is fine, its a good way to assess the candidate problem solving abilities and programming habits.

However you gave your time to do this assignment and your time is important! So ask for feedback! And if they don't provide you with said feedback, that is a major red flag and the clear sign that you should not work for this company.

Also be sure to really understand the "hidden requirements" that may come with the assignment. They usually come with sentences like "do as you like" or "do as you would usually do". Also a red flag: Maybe you used hexagonal architecture and they wanted MVC. Maybe they wanted a java stack and you did it in PHP. Maybe they expect you to use Postgres and you used Mongodb, etc.

When the problem definition is too broad, narrow it down with the recruiter.

That being said, good luck with your search!

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