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137 iPS Program Like You Give a Damn with Ara T. Howard at Rails Remote Conf 2015

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This episode is from Ara T. Howard’s talk at Ruby Remote Conf 2015. You can watch the full, unedited presentation, Program Like You Give a Damn, on YouTube at your convenience.


  • Check out All Remote Confs for next year’s remote conference lineup!

  • iOS Remote Conf will run from April 13-15 2016. Buy a ticket or submit a CFP!

  • JS Remote Conf is running from January 14th-16th 2016. Check out the speaker lineup!

  • Freelance Remote Conf will run from February 24th-26th. The speaker lineup is all but complete!


We, the iPhreaks Show panelists (And, Mandy!), hope you had a very happy holiday season.


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