Debug your application on any HMS Supported Model using HMS Toolkit Cloud Debugger - No Real Device Required

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So you have built a wonderful application but how to test it.Or do you want to test you application on a specific device.
Let us meet your new friendly developer tool HMS Toolkit. This tool provide us the functionality of Cloud Debugging.

HMS Toolkit Installation:

If you have not yet installed HMS Core Toolkit then please go to below link to download the latest version of it before proceeding further into the article.

Once downloading is done for the plugin you can directly install it via Install Plugin from disk option.
After installation it should show like below.
By the time of writing this article the latest version was
Alt Text

Let’s Start with Cloud Debugging

Step by step I will guide you on how you can use this tool to test and debug your application without a real Huawei Device.

Step 1: Go to HMS and click Cloud Debugging as shown below.
Alt Text
Cloud debugging needs a user login in order to provide access to real devices. Hence you will be redirected to a URL where you need to confirm your identity for a successful login.

Step 2: Login and allow the service.
Alt Text
Once the service is allowed you will get a success message and your android studio will get access to real remote devices.

Step 3: If this screen is not opened click on cloud debugging in right sidebar.

  • Filters are available as highlighted below to get a specific device.
  • You can also check the availability of device by checking Available Devices
  • Once the list of device is available choose any one and proceed. Alt Text

Step 4: Below should be the result after filter selection. Click Run and start the device.
Alt Text
A device should appear which can be accessed by sidebar. Default testing time is 2 Hours but if your testing require more time you can choose the same device once again after it gets released automatically
Alt Text
Let us see what all configurable options are given to us with this cloud debugger.

Screen Resolution:

Different resolution for a device are mentioned.
My recommendation – If your internet connection is good then goAlt Text

Screen Size:

You can also control screen size between 75%, 100% and 125%. To do that see the below screenshot.
Alt Text
Apart from this all three navigation buttons are provided to you for better control.


I hope you this article had given some insights in cloud Debugging.
In case you face any issue in the installation process do comment.
PS: You can also use this while presenting your screen, it doesn’t consume resources like how android emulator would do.


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