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Huawei AppGallery is a distribution platform for introducing your application to end users on your Huawei mobile device, providing ability to search, download and share your applications.

AppGallery focuses on below major features to ensure applications uploaded on the platform are safe to use and download.

1.Four-layer Threat Detection
2.Smart and Exclusive App Selection
3.Exclusive Gift Packs
4.Diverse App Rankings
5.Smart Search
6.Quick Manager

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Create and Upload your Application

Below needs to be followed in order to proceed with application upload.

Sign Up or Sign In

Create an account by signing-up to AppGallery. One can use their mobile no. or email Id to register as a developer.
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Creating and Publishing a new application

Once your developer account is created, redirect to upload your app link, under “distribute” page.
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Now re-direct to next page as shown below and select “My apps”
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Once “My apps” been clicked, it will re-direct to the application page where new application needs to be created.
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Select “New app” tab here and add parameters as below to create a new application.
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Package Type: Application can have apk or rpk (quick app).
Category: Choose category for an application or game.
Language: Choose suitable language among 78 supported languages.
Once all the parameters are filled, click on “ok”.
Now under “Distribute” page, add “App information” as below
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And click on “save”
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Once “save” is clicked, click on “ok”.
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After confirming the operation, application will re-direct under “Draft” page. Add release information here.

1> Add country and regions information as below
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2> Scroll down and add packages or upload APK file as below by clicking on “software packages”
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Tip: Please turn off proxy/svn while uploading a new apk/package.

3> Add other information as required.
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  • Payment info: Payment info is added as free or through merchant account.
  • In-app purchase: If your application is using the in-app purchase sdk, please provide this information.
  • Content Rating: This is required to apply appropriate age for your application.
  • Privacy policy: This is required to ensure the safe feature of application.
  • Copyright Information: Provided to upload any important document or image.
  • Review Information: Provide a test account and password in case we need to use some of your app functions that require user authentication, such as sign-in, in-app content viewing, and in-app purchases. The account will be used by our reviewer to verify these functions.
  • Release schedule: Select a date on which app should be released in the app gallery.

Once all the release details are filled. Click on “save”.
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Now, click on “Ok”.
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Once application is saved, click on “Submit” and “Confirm” in the nect step.
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Once application is submitted to AppGallery, same will be sent for review shown below.
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You can view your application in AppGallery under “MyApps” as below.
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We can now publish our application with ease.

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