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You can use Open testing to release your app only for beta users, but, In the special case of paid applications, the users will be asked to pay the real price of the app, even if is an Open Testing version. If you want to allow free access to the testers (for example, the QA team) you must also use Sandbox Testing. In this article I’m going to show you how to distribute a free version of your app with Open Testing.

Note: For paid apps is strongly recommended to add the DRM SDK.

Previous Requirements

  • A developer account
  • An app ready to be released
  • The Huawei IDs of all the trused users

Adding the users to the sandbox environment

Sign in your AppGallery connect console and choose Users and permissions.
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Go to Sandbox and select Test Account.
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Click on Add to enter the Huawei ID of each user who you want to allow free access to your app.
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From here you can edit or remove a user from the sandbox environment.
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Creating the Open Testing User List

Before releasing your app for Open Tesing, you must create the list of trusted users who are going to test your Beta version. From Users and permissions, go to List management and select User list.
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Click on new and fill the required information:

  • List name: A name to identify your list
  • Stored in: The site where the list will be stored, here you must choose the location which covers the region where the testers are. If you are going to release your app globally, is better to choose All
  • User information: Enter all the Huawei IDs and usernames of the test users.

Once you have finished, click on Confirm.
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Releasing the Open Testing version

Open testing allows you to distribute a Beta version of your app in order to get feedback and make improvements before releasing for all.

Note: Open Testing is now in Beta State, follow this guide to enable it.

From My apps, choose the app to be relesed and pepare the release of a new version.
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Under Open Testing fill the next information:

  • Version for Open Testing: Select yes
  • Test period: Period of time of the beta test.
  • Target users: Choose the user list you've created
  • Feedback email address: Email where the users can give feedback and report issues.
  • Invitation link validity period: Valid period in days to accept the invitation. If the user doesn't accept the invitation will not be able to find the beta version in App Gallery. Alt Text Once you have filled all the release information, click on Submit. If your app passes the manual/automatic review, all users in the list will receive an invitation to participate in the beta test. If a user accepts the invitation, will be able to find the beta version of your app in AppGallery


If you work with a QA team Open Testing and the Sandbox environment are powerful tools to test and improve your app without a real payment. Always remember to use them together for paid apps.


Open Testing documentation:https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/doc/development/AppGallery-connect-Guides/agc-betatest-introduction
Sandbox configuration guide

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