31 most popular GitHub JS repositories in April'19

Iren Korkishko on April 12, 2019

Originally I shared this digest to Syndicode blog. First of all, thank you all for monitoring my JS digest updates! That means that all of my effo... [Read Full]
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thanks for sharing, I was even surprised that Aurelia is a thing now )


Sooo, Github is all about JS/TS lately? Nice post by the way!


And yes, and no :). It happens that the interest in new languages is booming, but everybody uses JavaScript. 521K repos are currently devoted to JS, but Python's count is higher - 996K repositories. Ruby's score is 288K. Just to show that GitHub is not all about JS (TS covers only 80K open source projects).
I collect JS projects because of the tech stack of the agency I work in, and because I'm interested in JS. Also, I'm interested in Ruby and soon I'm going to issue the next digest with Ruby/Rails repos.

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