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Nice post Iren! I haven't heard anyone mention Postman in a long while, glad to hear it's still a thing. And, thanks for mentioning Zapier, I had never heard of it before. I'll have to keep it in mind, since the list of available integrations is pretty long.

Thank you for the comment! Nice to hear that the list is really useful. Want also to mention, that most of the tools I named have free and paid options. In my article, I described only free options for them, but those who dare to gain a paid ones will have expanded features. So the tools will become even more useful.

That makes sense, the creators have to make some profit somehow.

Even if nowdays Postman has some contenders I mentioned it too, actually 2 times this month. It remains a pretty powerful tool. I made a similar blog article list last week with free tools and one for productivity tips

Nice! Thank you for the comment! I've read your article, it has also many useful tools!

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