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re: Thank you for this. It's what I just need at this moment. I would like you to help me clarify something, though. You wrote: "In some cases, an arc...

Thank you for your comment and your question!
The situation you asked about cannot be considered as the confrontation of the method to the need of a software architect. I'd say, that it is rather an experience that while using an Agile method you don't use a software architect. These two options are not mutually exclusive. You can read about the agile method in my article
You can use a software architect, but it more depends on a complexity of the project. If there's nothing new to implement and you don't need to solve new problems or face something outstanding to develop - you can avoid asking the help of a software architect. In other words, you need a software architect for high-design choices. If there's nothing difficult or you repeat the project you've done before you can use the waterfall or the agile method with no software architect.

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