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re: Whaaaaat?! IMHO my system's structure (all applications that are part of the value chain of my business and how they interact) is the most valuable...

Thank you for your point! That is also true for some companies. But if you're asking 'what company would outsource the software architect role', I will reply - many of them.
As I mentioned in my article, there are many startups that just being started and they can't afford hiring the software architect full-time. But to get off the ground they need the architecture to be considered. That is why such companies outsource the specialist from trusted companies or partners they work with. And this is a good practice.
If we talk about the established enterprises this also takes place in case they do not need the software architect on a daily basis. These businesses usually develop some additional software to the existing product and for this reason, they outsource a software architect.
Nothing strange. This is a common practice too.

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