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I still think Twitter is one of the great Rails apps. They migrated away from Rails when they realized just what they were, but before they arrived at that, they were just playing around with ideas. Rails was the perfect technology choice for their use-case.

P.S. Maybe someday will make lists like this 😎

A great book to read is "Hatching Twitter" they go into how it started on Rails and moved away to java.

I've read that book and I forget that part. I should re-read it. I definitely enjoyed it.

One of the best parts of the book that inspires me is that the platform was very fragile. To where there was an executive meeting where it was brought up that they only had 1 database and no backups of that database.

It inspires me to make MVP's just as they are: a thought. And worry about the scale and everything else after it's launched.

Thank you for the comment! Yes, that's true. But I didn't include Twitter to this list only because it migrated from RoR. I decided to name only those applications which are currently referred to Ruby on Rails applications.
And yes, making lists of apps created on the base of some technology (or with a particular framework) makes sense!

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