Participated in Hacktoberfest 2020

irwanphan profile image @irwanphan ・2 min read

Hello, I am Irwan, I've been reading posts from DEV for quite a while but this is the first post I made here. I like how people here inspires others do grow as developer on this platform. And I stumbled on Hacktoberfest once again.
This is not the first time I participate in Hacktoberfest, I also registered last year (and another last year I guess). But this is the first time I actually completed it.

In this year's Hacktoberfest, I started in the last week. I tried to do more than the required PRs, I thought if I do more than required, it would be higher chance to complete it, and yes it does. Sometimes I thought I'm not gonna make it through.

While there are some of the PRs are not really good, like we're just trying to have more PRs, errr, for PR sake. I tried to have more than half of them related to my skill and learn something from it. By reading other people's codes and view logic and design from their perspectives is also a nice experience for me, other than working with my team.


Overall, I think Hacktoberfest is a great experience, whether you are experienced dev or a beginner. I will participate again next year. And looking forward to any interesting open source projects i can participate.


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