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Discussion on: I made a mistake implementing a React Hook and got a denial of service from my backend

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Aditya Agarwal

And React is not a framework, it's a library.

Regarding React being lib or framework, please check this thread. Ryan Florence says it's a framework. Actually there is no meaning in debating on this point.

If the business use cases can not be tested without the UI, then the separation of concerns is broken.

But in React, we render components and test them by checking if data is injected properly and things behaves a certain way based on various user events. That's the approach react-testing-library preaches.

The React community finds that MVC approach doesn't hold good on the frontend. Rather than divide by language (Controller- Js, View- Html) we divide by components. So one component has the responsibility of the UI and other logic of that piece. I have found this to be a better approach.

One thing though, if the end-result of some operation doesn't affect the view but only have side-effects on server or web storage then we can abstract them into functions (separate from React) and those can be simply tested like any other function