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Hey Miloslav,

Thanks for the inspiring words. I completely agree with you. I teach Javascript now a days and I feel like it's become so hard to teach / learn about the basics of programming and logical thinking with all this noise and hype about the newest tools to use. Yes, tools can be useful, but nothing replaces solving a problem in a logical and efficient manner.

Would you mind also sharing your general thought process in and around those 2 hours of development? What inspired you to tackle this problem in particular? What were the steps you took in order to creatively solve it?


Thanks, nice to hear!

So, I was at McDonald's eating a bacon Bic Mac, thinking translating Indie Hackers CoC to Russian because Russian branch head asked me to. While decomposing IH CoC logically, I came up with an idea that I actually can write something to generate texts like this one.

So, using the pattern I always use in architectural stuff, I divided the text into two groups: the commons and the variables. I adopted the commons from CoC, removed the variables, then thought of some additional opinionated topics and by doing this made a complete list of variables.

I used the most minimalistic toolkit possible as usual. I hate using frameworks just because "everyone uses them".

After it was looking good on my machine, I purchased a domain and deployed the thing.

Product Hunt is the standard part of my product release workflow, as well as writing a article, so I quickly put together a PH preview images and wrote some presentational texts: an article, a tweet, a "larger tweet".

Then I just released it and all that remained is to watch it blasts off. Or not :) I was actually ready for any consequences, including feminists and other SJWs bashing me on twitter for my generator being able to generate a CoC that allows sexual stuff; complete abandonment and zero impact whatsoever; authorities asking me to unpublish the product because of adopted CoC.

When doing products, my mindset is "at least there'll be a great story if I fail". So I taught myself to never fear to do things like this.


Thanks for the quick and honest reply :D I mean, as a feminist and SJW I might not agree with your politics. But reading and having an insight into another person's process is always useful. And when a solution is simple and elegant, there's absolutely no fuss in adapting the variables to your own needs, politics, opinions and so forth. Which is what makes it a powerful product in my opinion.

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