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Benefits of Flutter App Development

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App development has truly taken off in recent times. From enterprises to small-scale startups, every type of business today needs an app. With this scenario in mind, it's important to note that some technologies are getting more traction than other technologies due to the inherent benefits of technologies such as Flutter App development. Let’s understand why Flutter as a cross-technology platform is gaining ground in today’s app development market.

Why use Flutter App Development?

To describe why Flutter is popular, let's look at it from the perspective of three types of stakeholders.

1 Web Developer: They can quickly and swiftly develop the app without learning a new language and develop an app that works on all platforms.

2 Business: Investing in cross-platform apps saves businesses time & money as they can develop an app that covers the entire user base.

3 UI/UX Designer: Flutter provides many exciting options to design an app that works on all devices and provides many functionalities.

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Flutter 2.0

Flutter 2.0 official release in March 2021 by Google, and it provides the same code functionality for five operating systems, window, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Flutter 2.0 has a strong capability of the flawless web browsing experience for firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Edge along with smart TVs and Cars, homes. It offers an innovative portable experience for the digital world.

Flutter Usage Benefits:

1 Fast Development Process

Quickly develop one code base that works for all users and devices.

2 Single Code for multiple platforms

Use Flutter’s inbuilt tools and plugins, libraries to develop your app. Single code allows you to customize the entire app in one go.

3 Compatibility

Since widgets are a piece of the application and not the platform, The application can be built with less time spent on debugging and testing.

4 Build Performance

Flutter framework supports Dart Programming language, it's a robust language that provides consistent performance on the backend and the front end.

5 Latest Reactive Framework

It provides an advanced receptive system to assist in building excellent UI with its complete framework.

6 Make Your Own Widget

Flutter can easily create fabricate custom with an existing widget that can build very responsive and fascinating portable applications.

Flutter for Desktop App Development

Flutter mainly uses the skia rendering engine for mobile app development through API, similarly, flutter uses demo canvas and canvas kit for web and desktop applications. Generally, both types of apps, while rendering, use the entire screen with full control rendering access as a Canvas and HTML element.

(i) DemoCanvas

It uses the Canvas API and HTML/CSS/JS to develop a flutter widget on the screen. it is a default option for the flutter web development process.

(ii) CanvasKit

it helps to improve efficiency for graphic rendering on the web and desktop applications.


As flutter app development is faster and secure and cross-platform, it can be chosen as a cost-effective & fast development platform. Hire flutter app developers from IT Path Solutions and develop your next-generation mobile app with custom features and true cross-platform functionality.

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VideoMeet - HD Audio Video Conference

Flutter clearly has a nice set of advantages, but is there anything bad about it? I mean there must be some “but” here...

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This question is reasonable because Flutter is immature, and some people have doubts about using it regularly for their projects. Flutter has a limited number of libraries, and the Google team has yet to improve the framework to reduce the final app size.