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Developing Your Own Gaming Coaching Platform Like Metafy

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The gaming market in the USA is expected to be about $180 billion in 2021. It is estimated that it will generate revenue of $40 billion this financial year. The gaming market is dominated by mobile-based games. Mobile-based games are popular across both genders.

Metafy is one of the exciting startups on the gaming market right now. They have come up with a unique concept where their platform will allow people to sell gaming-related personal or group training and courses for gaming enthusiasts to improve their gaming score and levels.

With this game coaching platform development idea, Metafy sees a huge market in monetizing the gaming skills many people have but are unable to monetize due to lack of opportunities. With platfor4ms like Metafy, expert gamers can now make money from their skills. The founders of Metafy believe that gaming skills will be a long-term career option now with platforms such as Metafy providing ample monetization opportunities.

How Metafy Works

Metafy is a marketplace of gaming skills and training. The platform allows gamers to select the games they want to get better at, contact the top-rated experts of that game or watch their training videos and tips and tricks as per the pricing set by the gaming experts. For example, let’s say that you are a gamer who wants to get better at Fortnite. You find the relevant Fortnite trainers on the Metafy app, contact and evaluate the top experts, and either opt for one on one training or get access to their courses after paying the fees mentioned.

The unique thing about metafy is that no other app on the market is monetizing gaming skills like it’s doing With the success of metafy and successful investment rounds, it’s only a matter of time before other apps and gaming entrepreneurs start offering their own gaming skills training marketplace.

Developing Your Own Gaming Training App Like Metafy


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