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Developing Your Own School Communication App Like Remind in 2021

While digital transformation has happened across many industries, education especially primary education has remained largely similar. Digital transformation has fundamentally changed many industries, but not education.

Many digital entrepreneurs are realizing the need of utilizing digital technologies for the field of education. There are many opportunities and challenges of utilizing digital technologies for education.

Recently, Remind previously Remind 101 has been gaining traction amongst the public schools of the US and parents. Almost 50% of public schools are using Remind as their go-to school communication app. What started as a dedicated messaging app for students has expanded into becoming a complete school communication & teaching app solution.

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Introduction to School Communication App Development

With School communication apps, parents, teachers, and students can stay updated on all that is happening in the school at an individual level and collective level. For example,. With the activity feature in the Remind app, teachers can collect money from parents for activities such as school trips and sports events. Earlier, parents had to hand out cash to their children which meant that the children had to carry cash to school and deliver it to teachers but with this feature, teachers can collect as per the activity without cash transactions and its risks. A public school has an average of 12 activities per academic year. The activities feature can be used for free activities as well.

Parents don’t have to remember important days or children forgetting their homework or weekly schedule. By using a school communication app development solution, parents can stay connected with their children and the stakeholders at school such as teachers & administrators. By utilizing a school communication app, the schools can in turn provide a more complete educational environment to their students by involving all concerned parties and reducing communication gaps amongst all the stakeholders.

Major Features for School Communication App Development

Announcements & Updates

With this feature, teachers can send major announcements and updates to all parents and students with the app. For example, updates about school closure due to adverse weather, upcoming trips, and announcements of results. Updates and messages can be sent on email and SMS as well.

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