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How To Develop Your Own Gardening Marketplace App Like Neverland

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Gardening is a favorite hobby for many urban and semi urban dwellers. Even during the pandemic, the gardening market shot by 9% in 2020. Gardening lets people connect with nature, lifts up their mood, and improves the look of their environment. By having the presence of plants and greenery around, people feel a sense of connection with nature and are able to temporarily escape from the concrete jungles that are most major cities today.

With on-demand apps available for every sector and every consumer’s needs, gardening was one sector that didn’t have an abundance of on-demand apps. That is about to change with the increasing popularity of apps such as Neverland. Gardening marketplace app development is about to take off with many entrepreneurs and startups vying for a dominant position in this burgeoning market.

Neverland The App:
Neverland is a gardening marketplace app that is positioning itself as the marketplace and go-to app for aspiring horticulturists. What started as a passion project is turning into a major opportunity given the size and the untapped potential of the gardening app market and the backing of some prominent investors.

Developing Your Own App Like Neverland
There are multiple factors to consider when you are to undertake making your own garden planner app like Neverland.

Main Features Of The App


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