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Top Reasons to Choose AngularJS Development in 2021

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Brief introduction of Angularjs

Angularjs is open-source java-script framework. It is an on-demand open-source framework for developing dynamic single page web applications. It is created and maintained by Google. Angular js can quickly and easily integrate with other frameworks. It has the potential to create all kinds of front-end development easily. It uses less code. Angular js is now a core development tool for both enterprise and startups.

Angularjs provides an incredible way to build scalable, interactive and more user-friendly single web and mobile applications, it extends syntax of HTML to demonstrate the application components concisely and certainly. Its well-know competitors are Ember and Backbone.js. Angular js has won many significant awards. The angular js developers community is developing a powerful and robust free framework in an attempt to implement innovative new ideas into your application. Angular js supports integration and unit testing to ease the testing of web applications.

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Use of Angular.js Across Industries:
Computer Electronics & Technology – 3.35%
Arts & Entertainment – 2.09%
News & Media – 1.80%
Finance – 1.59%
Others – 91.18%

Major Apps Built with Angularjs Framework
Major brands have used the Angular.js framework to build their applications. it's provides interactive and many user interface features to create user-oriented, secure and highly responsive applications.

Here few global apps and websites that use Angular.js framework:
The Guardian

Why Choose Angularjs Development in 2021?
Due to its massive features and functionalities, Angularjs has become most popular framework. It is mostly used for developing single page web applications.

it's provides more attractive robust user-friendly features with minimal coding. Angularjs development services give a faster result with less coding and save time for the development process.

Supports MVC structure:
Unlike other frameworks, Angular js supports MVC architects very effectively and easily. Model is used for handling application data, The view is used to present data in a particular format and the controller handles user input and carries out of actions on the data models objects. With use of MVC, Angular js helps developers to build applications with more impressive and excellent features.

Multi-data Binding
Unlike other frameworks, Angularjs has the most amazing feature as multi-data binding. Using these features for user action and model changes happen together at the same time.

Dependency Injection:
Angular js provides in-built dependency injection features. It helps developers to create applications easily and test.

Angularjs applications are supported by and compatible with every platform. It will not affect the performance of the application.

It offers an open-source framework facilitate that allows developers to create web & mobile applications at lower rates.

Declarative UI Expression:
Angularjs supports fully structured UI layouts where it is easier to understand and manipulate the components. It helps the designer to easily learn markup.

Best User Interfaces:
Angularjs has some of the best user interfaces fully organized, so developers can easily manage rendering and modifying the important components.


After observing latest trends of Angularjs. Angular js framework is perfect for robust cross platform apps. Angularjs is developed by Google and every features of angular js will be enhanced. If you are convinced about the benefit of Angularjs development for your next project, do drop us a line by going to our website.

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Paulo Santos • Edited

AngularJS is reaching end of lifecycle by the end of this year and is notoriously known for having bad design and security practices. Many have been somewhat addressed. Move to angular 2+ or react/Vue if you want to keep JS Lang.

Just dropping this in here don't mind me.

itpathsolutions profile image
IT Path Solutions Author

Not at all. :) Thank you for your feedback. I agree. Angular has limitations so lets see what new comes up.