re: GitHub to replace racially-loaded terms (master, slave, blacklist and whitelist) VIEW POST

re: Wait until someone thinks "child process" is offensive because of "child labor". There's no way they actually care and aren't just doing it for t...

Thanks for gathering all of point 4 in one spot! I remember each of those individually, but seeing them all in one place is particularly damning.

I don't know about the point here, though (and similarly point 3 at your write-up). Since language and meaning evolve over time, I don't see an issue with renaming child processes if a lot of people associate it with child labor instead. In that case, it doesn't affect me at all if it stays or if it changes, but it could help people if it changes, so net win. This is also why I see Github's timing as the suspicious part -- they're getting positive feedback and recognition for something that they weren't affected by and a lot of people in what they see as affected populations don't see issue with.

They aren't doing it out of empathy when there's rarely a person affected. They're doing it to look good.

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