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I will say that computer science programs don't tend to start in a way that allows people who didn't write code earlier in life to participate, which in a few years with computer science education policy changes may be okay, but for now eliminates people who grew up in small towns, who weren't interested in coding growing up, or who went to weaker high schools.

👏 My story to a T

Small town, the computer class was "Advanced Excel" (pivot tables and maybe vlookup), most of the school was on free lunch so computers at home weren't a thing... I'm still dealling with that feeling of not knowing a lick about anything anyone is saying.

I ended up in a couple programming classes due to my math program, but overall, it was just playing around (nothing to show of it either) while unemployed after graduation that helped show my interviewers that I knew how to Google and learn on the job enough to hire me.

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