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Discussion on: Debate: Symfony VS Laravel

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Modified but still Facebook runs on PHP that states the dignity of PHP. now I work on python, go, R, mern but I started my career with PHP that means a lot to me😊

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Php has come a long way. There are still quirks and inconsistencies in many places, but there have been fixes to address them. If you used php in the past, it's probably php5 or older. Php7 and the upcoming 8 added huge performance improvement, strict typed checks, and many other things. Scripting language wise, php is one of the fastest in term of performance. Its nature also allows it to be great fit for serverless architecture as well.

If you use go, php now has the swoole extension that brings coroutine to php land. The syntax is very similar to go, and the raw performance is comparable to go.

For people still sticking with php or want to learn php, this is a great time. One should look into Symfony even if it's just to learn how a properly structure PHP application may look like. Projects like WordPress is not a great example of proper PHP and should not be used to judge the language.