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Can A.I solve this mystery ?

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this will sound Z[f(z) = f(y)] perhaps but how machine learning gonna reveal the reality of multiverse or time reversal ?

people say, we have parallel universe which is just a replica that means, time is reversible. I mean spacetime is like a log file ? e=mc² says energy, mass are only transformed but never destroyed.

If we take this perception further, literally time is never destroyed because it's fouurth dimension of universe and hence it gets transformed as a log format you can say(backup files)

Quantum computing has different thought they say nothing gets destroyed in an isolated system(universe) that means if einstein was alive yet, we perhaps had solution for time reversal

Quantum computing has big trouble with schrodinger's cat theory which says find my cat dead "and" alive which makes everything a puzzle

Now we say, artificial Intelligence can solve all this puzzle. I dont understand how. how can all this be modeled. Big bang, blackhole, speed of light, superposition bit-flips(0 becomes 1 automatically) and all.

Dont say we can start collecting data since bigbang was happend(srsly no 👏) But this is total amazing and dangerous if somehow this puzzle gets solved.

Thanks for reading 😊

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I guess A.I. is the alien that we're developing...