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With no real background on programming concepts or relatives familiar with computers leave alone how to code, I learnt how to program from a roommate in the university. I am not even doing a CS; but a B.A in communication and media,so I found it a bit hard and strange to grasp the concepts...and guess what?!?😅 It was just HTML! I hadn't gotten into the real stuffs (I mean the likes of PHP,ES6, Java bla bla bla) but I was determined to know how to program. My roommate (he's currently a 4th year CS student at a local university here in Kenya) handed me an outdated PDF book on "Introduction to HTML and CSS, How to Build Websites", which in fact I wasn't aware that it was a bit outdated 😂😂😂 only to try to catch up with the reality which was 7years ahead of me😂😂😂.
I mastered html5 and css3 on my own as they were the building blocks. I downloaded many Pdf tutorial books, most of them free but not up to date, however, I still found them relevant. I introduced myself to PHP and JavaScript all by myself as they were also necessary. I joined github to learn and I still consider myself a novice with no single repo or contributions😂. I'm on twitter and from there I got to know ...
Actually all my programming I've learnt from freely downloadable PDF'S on the web. At the same time I make sure I catch up with any updates on the programming languages of my choice (in this case JavaScript and PHP).
I believe CS is not a prerequisite for knowing how to program. And I have been making tremendous progress to my belief...and life moves on 😁

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