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Discussion on: The best way to learn React is.. to learn Angular?!

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Ivan Jeremic • Edited

Then you have not updated to the new Facebook UI on desktop and React is 100% created for big projects what are you talking about? the component model is the only way different teams can work on different parts in the UI the best. Facebook has a new website now, and it is not simple and one of the most advanced UIs out there. And Twitter, Binance trading market, Tweetdeck (WebApp), Reddit, Techcrunch, and many more disagree with you.

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Michael Di Prisco Author

I don't agree with the new Facebook being "one of the most advanced UIs" in the web world, but it's an opinion and I can accept it. I never said it doesn't work in big projects, I'm just saying it works in medium-small ones in its simplest form and has to be mastered before you can use it in big projects.