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Discussion on: Vue or React?

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Ivan Jeremic • Edited

JavaScript is a must have for modern sites if all you think about is how to make website work even if the user has js turned of what very likely no one has these days all you loose is flexibility. Also focusing to much on the browser is wrong I see the power of web tech everywhere also outside of browsers as GUIs for desktop and mobile apps, and if we keep developing like 20 years ago there will be no new innovations. I also see WebAssembly helping the web tech become a standard GUI for every language and platform.

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Sure, but right now, if I want to make a website that's as accessible as possible, I don't want to start with Javascript, I want to start with html. So if I need complex functionality i reach for vue. if I need a small amount of functionality i use vanilla javascript.

~0.2% of people have javascript disabled. Javascript doesn't work at all until the page is loaded. So for at least a second every page has javascript disabled. Web crawlers often don't parse javascript.

I may well end up building some complex app with react one day. But I've not come accross a need for it.