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Discussion on: HERN Stack, Comin’ In Hot

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Ivan Jeremic • Edited on

I like node API based stuff but I can tell you for sure Harper will never blow up if you guys don't open source it. I mean what can be so special and secrete about this system it is a node api and I don't know maybe the servers are kept in sync via graphql subscriptions I don't know but for sure it is not something that does not already exists. Also the Dashboard UI needs a Developer Asap. I recommend hiring an React dev and build a dashboard in React that looks like a modern one, the current dashboard I don't know what to say it looks Alpha. I hope you guys take this as feedback.

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Jacob Cohen

Thank you for the feedback, Ivan! The bundled dashboard UI included with HarperDB is deprecated. We have shifted our focus to the hosted HarperDB Studio, but chose to include the existing UI in the event that users may still want to use it. Our long term roadmap includes a refresh of the bundled UI and/or a packaged downloadable application similar to the hosted Studio.

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