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Discussion on: The most simple stack to create basic CRUD web app with users?

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Ivica Čevis

I am also searching for easiest way to make web app CRUD with datatables editor options.
I have some basic knowledge of SQL and JS for Adobe LiveCycle Designer.
Following dynamic xml form is what I have now and this form I want to recreate as CRUD web app:

  • so far I have mysql database locally, and following tables: users, association, 9 different tables for books, permissions
  • 3 types of users (admin, manager and customer.)
  • customer can have one or more Associations, each association has 9 different books.
  • books are like tables with header (sorting, and filtering), footer paging, with buttons to add, remove, reorder rows.
  • customer login > chooses association > for chosen association are loaded all available books > customer chooses desired book and must choose year from drop down menu > if the year is not current > loaded data are read only, if year is current, inserting new data is possible.
  • calculations per row + previous row.
  • export to pdf with custom header and footer (book name, year of the records) - taken from database
  • admin and manager can enable or disable books for editing and enable read only mode for books after certain date in year (31. January) - customer can only read and export data for previous year not edit the data for previous years.

What do you recommend?