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Things to try to speed up your current laptop: if it doesn't have an SSD, get one and reinstall your OS on there, check how much RAM is free when doing typical work and upgrade if it's less than a GB. Thats assuming it's possible which is likely in your relatively old machine. If you don't know how to do that or aren't sure what parts are compatible Google it and if you're still not comfortable go to a local shop.
If your laptop has all these things a OS reinstall could help if that hadn't happened in a while (like a few years).

That said, if you laptop already has an SSD and the reinstall doesn't help enough it's fine getting a new machine after 7 years. That's quite old I'd say.
When looking for a new one you can search for buyer guides but always make sure it has at least 4 physical cores, 16GB RAM and 500gb storage. The rest like the display size, battery life etc is up what you want and are willing to pay for. I recommend trying out different sizes (and the keyboard + trackpad!) at a local shop and you can also ask somebody there for help.


This. Thanks Ivo, now I don't need to say it. :)

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