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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fitness App in India?

The well-known saying goes “Health is wealth” which is very true for individuals of every age group. Physical activity can treat several diseases and also reduce the risk of developing deadly ailments.

Regular exercise can provide long-term health benefits and improve the quality of life.

In the present era of digitalization, exercise has become very easier because you do not have to go miles for training and keeping yourself healthy.

There are various fitness app development companies that take the great initiative to build user-friendly fitness apps, to meet all the demands of their users.

With the help of a fitness app, you can exercise anytime and anywhere with the guidance of special training experts. Exercising with a fitness app has made life very easier, and people are punctual about their training sessions, and it infuses an obligation.

The holy truth in this digital world is to build a mobile-friendly app because most of the users stick to their mobile for various functions. Hence, fitness mobile app development is one of the most crucial steps taken by various fitness organizations.

An engaging mobile app will surely make your company stand out in the competitive market. To build a user-friendly fitness app, you need to do thorough research, create a conceptual foundation, and choose an excellent fitness app development company to cater to your desired need.

Top features you must include in your fitness app

The features of a fitness app always depend upon the type of fitness app. Given below are some of the elementary features -

User App

  • Login and registration- To get more registered users for your app, you must always provide several login options and make the registration process easy. For instance, you can incorporate sign up via Google and Facebook. You can also provide the users with other options such as adding an email id and password, or phone number and password as per their choice. The forgot password option is also a must-have feature to be included in the fitness app otherwise, users are likely to abandon your app.

  • Personal profile- You should also keep options for the users to enter their age, height, weight, body mass, allergies to any other things, etc.

  • Workout List- You should also add various lists of workouts for the users to choose from- such as Yoga, gym, warm-up, cross-training, aerobics, etc. The list of the workout you mention should also contain the video playbacks or in animated form for the ease of the users.

  • Workout Tracker- The wellness application should likewise contain an exercise tracker which estimates the distance covered by running, strolling, cycling, or different exercises. The workout tracker must also have the option for the users to see the total calories burnt during their workout session.

  • A meal planner- The fitness app must have a meal planner to guide the user on the amount of meals to consume per day according to their body requirement. The fitness app also consists of various healthy recipes for users to try at home.

  • Wearable device integration- This feature will help the user to connect the app with Fitbit, smartwatches to track their workout activities.

  • Push Notification- This is also one of the most significant features to remind the users about their daily scheduled workout and also to take their meals and water timely.

  • eCommerce options- You can provide this option for your users to buy various yoga and fitness equipment from various online stores.

  • Payments- Users may want to buy that particular yoga or workout as per their needs so that they can take a subscription for that workout only. So make a secure payment gateway to make a safe payment. Users mostly prefer debit/credit cards, net banking or PayPal, Stripe, and other payment gateways to make an online payment.

Admin Panel

  • A dashboard to keep a track record of all the live workout sessions and managing the order placed.
  • Accounts section to see customer reviews, previous deliveries, and the balance left in the account.
  • Payment section to make payment for the trainer, gym trainer, or yoga expert.
  • Promotional and marketing tools to add discount coupons, referral ads, cashback, etc.

The Actual cost of building a fitness mobile app

All the fitness app development companies must choose the best cloud service provider to not only become its host but also to maintain the back-end system. Few well-known cloud service providers are Amazon, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Verizon Cloud among hundred others.

The fitness development company must also ensure app maintenance and also be able to fix bugs, update the fitness app to its latest version.

While creating a fitness app the cost varies from various companies and it also depends upon the number of features added to the fitness app. The breakdown cost of the fitness app is based on the following elements:-

  • iOS and Android native app development
  • User-interface/User-experience
  • Web and backend development
  • MVP testing
  • Quality Assurance includes fixing bugs and polishing

By adding all the above-mentioned elements the approx cost of the health and fitness app costs around 30K-40K USD for iOS and Andriod platforms.

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