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Developer Setup for a New MacBook Pro - 2021

I was overdue so upgraded my personal 2013 MacBook with a new 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Max. I do a reasonable amount of coding and media editing so will share what I use as I'm setting things up on a new machine in case it is helpful for anybody else (or future me). I'm not doing an unboxing video spectacle, just straight-forward lists and notes.

  • OSX Settings
  • Applications
  • Development Tools
  • Other Resources

Acknowledging different opinions, if you want to share suggestions of your favorite must-have settings or tools feel free to chime in with recommendations that may save me some time or to be more effective.

OSX Settings

Desktop and Screen Saver

I like using hot corners.

  • top left: opens launchpad
  • bottom left: screen saver / lock screen
  • top right: notifications
  • bottom right: quick notes

Dock and Menu Bar

I typically use spotlight for opening apps so keep icons small and auto-hide it. When open I will do max magnification, minimize into app icon and don't like showing recent apps.

I like to see the battery percentage and show the clock with seconds.


I use scaled with more space, hitting the option key while hovering shows it to be 2056x1329 which for the 16" gives me enough space to see things side-by-side.


Turning on tap to click and increase the tracking speed.


Lots of changes here:

  • show all file extensions
  • show library
  • show hidden files
  • show path bar
  • show status bar
  • change screenshots app to save to another location (I use ~/Pictures/Screenshots)


I like auto mode, green accent, and show scroll automatically.


I didn't make any significant changes from defaults to Startup Disk, Date & Time, Printers & Scanners, Touch ID, Network, or Mouse.


In no particular order getting software installed.


Probably nothing surprising here when it comes to web browsers or communications.

  • Chrome: Extentions include Evernote Clipper, Ad Block Plus, Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials, React Developer Tools
  • Firefox, Slack, Discord

General Productivity Utilities

Some of the tools I use for efficiency while working and switching between apps.

  • Bartender: I like to keep things uncluttered and hidden (paid app)
  • Clipy: I map this to option + command + v to access clipboard history and paste common snippets like text emoticons, frequently shared URLs, etc.
  • Amphetamine: keep mac awake while downloading or uploading

Reconsidering: Alfred, Moom, Hyperdock, iStatMenus, Rocket


I'm not sharing every detail of my setup overall, but a few basics.



  • OBS
  • VLC

Reconsidering: Screenflow, Audio Hijack

Development Tools

  • VS Code: will need to add extensions later
  • JavaScript: nvm, node, npm
  • Postman
  • Python:
  • Xcode
  • Android Studio

Reconsidering: Docker, Virtualbox

Shell Customization

  • iterm2: including command line developer tools like git
    • homebrew: pretty essential for installing other tools
    • tree: I like to sometimes view ascii versions of a directory listing
    • wget: For quick cli downloads

Additional Resources

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