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Discussion on: Should I switch to linux OS?

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Very interesting. It's so cool how we remember those first projects :)

I had exposure to some of those early SUN systems as a young boy, as my father was a director at the university IT department. Those tours of the basement server rooms with all those flashing lights were epic, although obviously I wasn't allowed to touch anything until years later!

The computer at home was a Mac SE/30, I'm guessing it was 1989, when I was 8 years old and drawing cars on the MacPaint!
That was replaced with the Mac Classic II, still no internet, haha.

I'm definitely going to check when we got internet, those web-rings were such an adventure.

Come to think of it, the last time I saw Solaris on a SUN server might have been close to 2006 as I remember it being a Blade rackmount, so the time seems about right.

Yes, 2001 seems about right, that was around the time when I really got into dev and there were definitely some Red Hat cds lying around which I promptly tried out and my long time love of linux started right there.