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Book review: "Improve Your Online Presence" by Catalin Pit

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"Improve Your Online Presence" by Catalin Pit.

I was excited to read this book because I've been looking at how I could improve my online presence. I feel I have a pretty good presence currently, but there's always room for improvement, right?

I was fortunate for Catalin to allow me to read this book pre-release.

I'm not one who strives for 100k Twitter followers or 1M tweet impressions - don't get me wrong, they would be nice, but it's not my objective. I use Twitter and LinkedIn to create connections, build a community and share my opinions.

Having a good online presence can help bring you:

  • New friends
  • Opportunities, such as talks and podcasts
  • Satisfaction when something you've done has helped someone else
  • Recognition
  • And so much more

Catalin's book was incredibly useful in helping me maintain my presence and I have also adopted many tips to improve certain aspects of my presence.

It's jam-packed with useful tips that could help anyone on Twitter and LinkedIn!

What does it for me, is Catalin's tone throughout the book: It's written in a way where he is describing what worked for him and it's got that warm feeling to keep you motivated!

I hope this book helps you find new friends and lots of opportunities!! 🔥

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