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Jack Domleo
Jack Domleo

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Monthly Reflection - November 2020

All my articles are first published and hosted on my blog - you can find this article here. You may also be interested in my tweets on my Twitter profile. πŸ”₯

A reflection on my November 2020 of what I have done and achieved.

What did I do? πŸ’»

New articles πŸ“°

Moved out of my family home

Joined Hashnode

After all the hype about Hashnode and the popularity it gets, I decided to join the blogging platform under the username jackdomleo7.

Disabled my #NoPreviewHtmlCss Twitter bot

NoPreviewHtmlCss was a developer challenge I created where you create something using HTML and CSS, but you're not allowed to see the preview until you're done. This challenge really makes you think about what you're writing. The challenge was popular in the summer of 2020 but lost its popularity, also I got feedback it made people anxious. 😬

Released v1.1.0 of Checka11y.css

Added GitHub stats to my GitHub README using github-readme-stats

Jack Domleo's GitHub stats

Created a website for Checka11y.css at

Started experimenting with an accessible modal

Achievements πŸŽ‰

My ebook launch got a retweet from WeStryve

My ebook got its first 5 star rating on Gumroad

Checka11y.css passed 250 stars on GitHub

Checka11y.css GitHub card

GitHub logo jackdomleo7 / Checka11y.css

A CSS stylesheet to quickly highlight a11y concerns.

Checka11y.css logo

Buy Me A Coffee Checka11y.css - A CSS stylesheet to quickly highlight a11y concerns. | Product Hunt


Maintenance MIT License Brotli size

GitHub stars GitHub release (latest by date) npm jsDelivr hits (npm)

Chrome Web Store Mozilla Add-on


A CSS stylesheet to quickly highlight a11y concerns.

Lightweight β€’ Modern β€’ Accessibile β€’ Customisable β€’ Simple

The first line of defence for testing accessibility.

Designed to quickly highlight some common accessibility errors and warnings that can be easily and quickly rectified.

Recommended before turning to automation tools and scanners such as Lighthouse on Chrome.

Remember not to push this to production!

A great tool for:

  • Websites and web applications to begin improving their accessibility.
  • Developers and testers/QA to learn more about accessibility and creating accessible websites and applications.


Our features are always checked against the W3C accessibility guidelines.

A list of some common a11y concerns Checka11y.css will check for and highlight :

  • Check for invalid HTML elements nested inside of <a> and <button>
  • Check for missing alt attributes on images
  • Check for media that is set to autoplay
  • Check <li> is the only direct child of <ol>…

Checka11y.css was shared at TechSnacks

Hashnode shared my "I wrote an ebook, here is what I learned" article

Got memed 😎

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