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Discussion on: How to have a professional online appearance

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Jack Kelly Author

Thanks for the input, Jon! These are very small things that I have done recently, and I have been getting a lot of interviews. This was simply my advice and I appreciate yours. You may be in a small percent of interviewers and I'd love to interview with people like you haha. So many interviews care a significant amount about education and decide not to move forward with me and other candidates solely on that fact alone.

I don't understand why a portfolio website wouldn't affect your impression of a possible candidate for you. Unless you're explicitly hiring back-end engineers or something that has no relation to design/UI. If I was hiring front-end engineers I would definitely expect that they had a portfolio site to showcase their work.

The email signature section was a small one and the definition isn't a big deal. Just figured I'd add that in as a small touch.

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Jon Randy • Edited

A portfolio site, whilst pretty, gives no real indication of how skilful and competent someone is. It's carefully curated to show the developer at their purported best - you get no real idea of how long any of the sample work took, whether it was copy pasted from somewhere else, etc.

It gives an idea of the final results, but no real idea how they got to those results - which is what is going to be important when they're doing work for you.

I want to get a good idea of HOW they build stuff, their thought processes and methods - warts and all... a glossy promo simply doesn't give you that